Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Haiku for Anna

Whenever I see Anna, I always want to sing to her, "Anna, Anna, bo-banna, Banana-fana fo-fanna..."

Anyways, here's my haiku for her:

Her gentle spirit
Brings joy and comfort to all
Young, old, big or small.

Now your turn to write her a nice haiku!


  1. A lovely smile
    And beautiful eyes as well
    All Canon girls rule!

    What a sweet gesture to write a poem for each of your friends. :)

  2. I like her glasses
    And her puzzle jewelry
    She holds the cam tight!

    My daughter was too shy to post hers herself so I'm putting it up for her:
    the lens of seeing
    and the shimmering necklace
    enhance her beauty

  3. D4, I love your daughter's haiku! She may be a better poet than you! ;)

  4. I have to chime in, that last one is really good.