Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Haiku for Jason

Jason is kind of a hipster, but not one of those pretentious types. He's definitely very friendly and approachable!

A TV writer

who dreams of doing great things
as he eats cookies.

That's my haiku. Now your turn to write a haiku for him.

Can't get enough of this guy? Check out his website.


  1. With a smiling face
    And glorious fashion sense
    He seems pretty cool

    I also like the ring of Captain Funk 3

    You might want to make a facebook or something to follow you with. RSS at the least. For future following, I have you bookmarked! OH! And the captcha thing. Sorry, don't want to be annoying!

    1. Thanks D4! You can find me on Twitter, jasonw3!